Susana Bicho has the most flattering brown Mango dress

      Susana Bicho is always a good inspiration when it comes to signing the trending garments of the season. The ‘influencer’ knows how to dress at the Seville Fair if you don’t wear a flamenco dress, but she has also shown us how flattering wide ‘jeans’ can be if you combine them like her. Yes, she has now created a new need for us with her precious Mango brown dress.

      We thought we had already listed all the most flattering dresses and spring trends, but Susana Bicho has arrived to show us that there is always room for one more in our wardrobe. The one that the ‘influencer’ has shown us is not only beautiful, but also incredibly flattering thanks to the detail of the bow at the waist, which power the curves and defines the silhouette to the maximum. If magic existed, it would certainly be this dress.

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      The Mango dress that Susana Bicho has shown us is one of those that feels good at any time and never goes out of style, so it is a great purchase. You’re already taking time to sign him. Looking for a ‘lookazo’? Then combine it with some orange strappy heeled sandals like those of the ‘influencer’… and you’re ready to rock!

      If there is something that we like more than finding beautiful and flattering dresses, it is not leaving the credit card shivering. Surely the same thing happens to you, so this interests you: it’s discounted! Its original price is 39.99 euros, but with the discount it stays at 19.99 euros. A bargain, friend.

      You already have a ‘lookazo’ for the whole spring, courtesy of Susana Bicho.

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