Susana Dosamantes died, Paulina Rubio fires her with a message

Paulina Rubio shared an emotional message on her social networks that quickly provoked reactions among her fans who sent her condolences for the unfortunate death of her mother, the beautiful actress. Susana Dosamantes.

Hours ago, the unfortunate death of the first actress Susana Dosamantes, mother of the famous singer, was confirmed. Pauline Rubiowho shared heartbreaking words to honor the memory of who gave him life.

The feeling of La Chica Dorada was exposed to her millions of followers who quickly reacted and sent her a large number of messages, among which the love and unconditional support for the famous.

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Let us remember that a few weeks ago Susana Dosamantes gave the news that she had been detected cancer of pancreas, for which he underwent rigorous treatment to combat it.

Susana Dosamantes died, Paulina Rubio says goodbye with a message. Photo: Instagram

Apparently the complications came over and the pretty actress of El Cine de Ficheras could not withstand the ravages of that cruel deadly disease and his unfortunate death was made known, leaving an important legacy within the artistic medium.

Through her social networks, Paulina Rubio shared a emotional message with a photograph of her mother where she assures that Susana Dosamantes was her example of life and that today she is enjoying a new cycle full of peace.

Before the publication of the Mexican singer-songwriter, her followers supported her and quickly confirmed the words she wrote, since she was always close to her mother, they were very close.

Susana Dosamantes died, Paulina Rubio says goodbye with a message. Photo: Instagram

Surely Susana Dosamantes enjoyed his children and his grandchildren to the fullest, but this severe illness ended his life. At 74 years old, the light of the most beautiful face on television went out and his fans are dismayed and very hurt.

It is worth mentioning that just a few months ago he finished his participation in the telenovela ‘Si nos dejan’ in which he shared credits with Mayrín Villanueva, Alexis Ayala, Marcus Ornelas, among other actors who enjoyed his presence.

Probably within a few hours Paulina Rubio and her brother will be giving the details of the unfortunate death of their mother, since the exact reasons for her death are still unknown. death.

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The owner of the success ‘I loved you so much’ has not yet come out to give statements, she only wrote these words full of pain to share with her public the sadness that overwhelms her by the tragedy of the death of the being who gave her life.

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