Susana Dosamantes has cancer: Lourdes Munguía refuses to send her a message | Famous

Lourdes Munguia ran away when asked for his opinion on the state of health of Susana Dosamanteswho was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The family of the first actress confirmed the news on April 21 while the voice of several celebrities, such as Maribel Guardia, Chantal Andere and Marjorie de Sousa, echoed in support of Paulina Rubio’s mother.

However, Lourdes Munguía refused to talk about the situation that the 74-year-old artist is going through. In 2017, both shared tables in the play “Hijas de la madre de ella”, which was presented in Mexico.

Lourdes Munguía flees when questioned about Susana Dosamantes

The actress Lourdes Munguía was intercepted by media such as Wake up America outside of TelevisaUnivision San Angel in Mexico.

There he was asked for his opinion about his colleague Susana Dosamantes and what was the message he wanted to express to her.

She was also reminded of when they worked together, but Munguía turned his back on the reporters and denied making any statements.

“No no no”she said as she quickened her pace to flee covered with a mask on her face as a security measure against covid-19.

It was insisted that his former partner is undergoing medical treatment to help her overcome pancreatic cancer.

“It’s very sad to talk about it”he limited himself to saying the moment he entered the facilities to which the reporters no longer had access.

Media such as Grupo Formula speculate that the attitude of the actress and her refusal to speak was due to the fact that She was caught without makeup.

Lourdes Munguía and Susana Dosamantes: “We get along very well”

When both actresses shared credits in the play ‘Hijas de su madre’, they made it clear that they had a good relationship.

We get along really goodwe have identified ourselves, we are friends,” said Susana Dosamantes in February 2018 in an interview published by the Mexican newspaper El Norte.

Everyone has their character its dynamics, we take everything to give, we are very calm, very familiar, companions, “he added.

At that time, the mother of ‘La Chica Dorada’ said that she, Munguía and the rest of the cast were of “very good character”: “We are all very cool.”

Munguía also expressed himself about the relationship he had with the first actress: “The truth is (we treat each other) with respect; (I say) ‘don’t love me, better respect me’“.

“You have to know how to give places and that’s why we have not had any problem“, expressed Lourdes Munguía.