Susana Dosamantes, the face that triumphed in Hollywood before Salma Hayek

She was known as “The most beautiful face in Mexico”. She was barely 22 years old, but she had already captivated the movie screen in Mexico with the movie “Memories of the Future”, an adaptation of the novel by Elena Garro, directed by Arturo Ripstein.

“I went to do the casting but there was a queue to enter and I said, ‘I can’t stay because I have to go to school.’ to write me down, that I was going to come back later. She didn’t want to, but a man came out of the inside office who was very amused by what I was saying and told the secretary ‘let him come in’. That man was Alfredo Ripstein, the producer and father of Arturo”.

That’s how she got her first movie character because, as she used to say: “I’m very adventurous”.

Susana Dosamantes died this Saturday at the age of 74 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Although in recent decades she has stayed away from the spotlight (her appearances on television were sporadic and almost always as secondary characters in soap operas), Dosamantes lived a golden age during the seventies, which led her to succeed in Hollywood with a movie alongside the legendary John Wayne.

That film was, obviously, a western, in which John Wayne seeks revenge after the Spanish Civil War.

Susana Dosamantes plays a woman of Mexican origin who lives in the town of Rio Lobo, where all the action takes place. With an impeccable performance and in English, Dosamantes became the Mexican sensation in Hollywood at that time.

Family life, however, led her to focus on her career in Mexico, where she starred in her most remembered film: “More black than the night.”

During the 1990s, as his daughter Paulina Rubio rose to stardom in music, Dosamantes gradually retired from acting.

In 2021, she had one last participation in soap operas with “Si nos dejan”, which meant the closure of that other facet of an actress, which led her to win a TVyNovelas in 1990 with “Die to live”