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The international chain History Chanel had a peculiar confusion when using the photograph of the former vedette susy diaz instead of the image of Sarita Colonia.

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In the documentary, historians mention some “Pagan Saints” of Latin America, among them: the well-remembered singer Chacalón and the well-known “Patroness of recluses.”

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Following the peculiar error in the report, netizens took the excerpt of the video viral on social media. “The population also resorts to popular saints, many of them pagans, figures that were not approved by the Catholic Church,” he said.

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Susy Díaz was concerned about her health: “The doctor told me to choose money or a long life”

In a recent interview with the Trome newspaper, Susy Díaz thanked that the brands continue to bet on her and that she does not lack work, but she said that her doctor asked her to measure herself when accepting some contracts.

“I’m working full time, thank God that I don’t lack work, but my doctor has told me to learn to say no to some contracts because when a person has a lot of stress… illnesses arrive,” said Susy Díaz.

“Today (yesterday) they gave me an injection because I can’t sleep, I have a lot of work, I’m on vitamins and I could have a stroke. I am already 59 years old and I can no longer be with those trots … I must take care of my health, the doctor has told me to choose money or a long life, but I still want to continue living ”, he added to the aforementioned medium.