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In the latest edition of his program, Valeria Piazza questioned the luxurious trips by Rosangela Espinoza. For this reason, Susy Díaz came forward and defended the reality girl.

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What a trip, that money is recovered, time is not. Take advantage of traveling before having a child, children do not leave you”, Susy expressed to El Popular.

It is worth mentioning that Susy Díaz mentioned that it is possible to travel to expensive countries with savings. For example, she reveals that she was paid five thousand dollars to give an interview.

Susy Díaz confirmed that she will run for Congress again this 2024: “it is time to return to the courts”

Susy Díaz referred to a recent event involving her image with a well-known saint here in Peru. In addition, he confirmed that he will run for a seat in the Congress of the Republic in 2024.

“I am in Paraíso del Sur enjoying with my friends and family and I find out that I have appeared on that international channel History Channel, as they are going to confuse me with Sarita Colonia, I will have the face of Santa and I have many devotees who ask me for love advice and my diets, but don’t compare me to her.” says the former congresswoman.

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On the other hand, Susy Díaz, confirmed her aspirations to occupy a chair in the next Congress of the Republic.

“I have several proposals from different political parties to return to Congress, while I relax in the Paraiso del Sur Water Park, I am convinced that it is time to return to the courts to remove all the corrupt,” said Susy Diaz.


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