Swiss VIP ski resort St. Moritz is now throwing out the rich Russians

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Of: Linda Rosenberger

Swiss VIP ski resort St. Moritz is now throwing out the rich Russians
Because of the Ukraine war, St. Moritz no longer wants to accommodate Russians (photomontage) © Mikhail Klimentyev/dpa/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP/picture alliance & Giancarlo Cattaneo/KEYSTONE/dpa/picture alliance

The consequences of the Ukraine war can be felt everywhere. Numerous Russian oligarchs were sanctioned. St. Moritz is now also threatened with financial losses.

St. Moritz – The world has been different since February 24, 2022: With the start of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, war broke out in the middle of Europe – with all the conceivable consequences. Not to mention the many fatalities and refugees, the military conflicts have turned the lives of many people upside down. In particular, the sanctions against Russian oligarchs are now taking their toll in St. Moritz and Forte dei Marmi.

The Ukraine war has left its mark on the luxury holiday resorts of St. Moritz and Forte dei Marmi

Actually, both rich Ukrainians and Russians vacationed side by side around the posh resorts of St. Moritz and Forte dei Marmi. Volodymyr Selenskyj is even said to own a villa in the area, while his compatriot, ski instructor Tatyana Brutsche, used to mainly take care of her regular Russian customers in St. Moritz. According to the Bild newspaper, this is no longer the case: “One week after the start of the war, the cancellations began for me,” reports the 49-year-old disappointed: “We are brothers and sisters after all. We don’t understand why we are at war with each other.”

But in general, Russians no longer seem particularly welcome in many places. Because of Russian license plates, people are often looked at obliquely, the Bild newspaper continues and reports on the oligarch Andrey Melnitschenko, who is said to have already left his residence on the legendary Suvretta slope after even his sailing yacht had been confiscated. “Once they are sanctioned, not much is possible,” explains management consultant Thomas Borer, explaining what the upper class now has to fear in the luxurious holiday resorts.

Celebrity ski resort St. Moritz throws out the rich Russians

Previously, however, the richest romped there side by side: St. Moritz and Forte dei Marmi have always been among the holiday hotspots of the wealthy, but as reports, the posh resorts in the Alps are now having the effects of Ukraine – to fight war. It is said that rich Russians are no longer allowed to fly in, oligarchs’ yachts are being confiscated, secretive chalets owned by Moscow industrialists are suddenly in the focus of world publicity.

The newspaper quotes, among other things, chauffeur Giovanni Magrini, who until now has mainly brought rich Russians from A to B. But those times are probably over for the time being: “There will be no rush to hotels and real estate agencies for Orthodox Easter this year,” fears Magrini – and the V and S classes of his agency “Versilia Drive”, those of the rich clientele around the clock were available could remain in the garage for the time being.

The Ukraine war also worries German celebrities

But German celebrities are also affected by the war in Ukraine – but it’s not about a holiday for them. Although Evelyn Burdecki and Oliver Pocher were traveling together, their destination was Ukraine, where the two wanted to help and had to collect sad impressions.

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