Sylvana Wollny: Florian Köster disappointed

In today’s episode (January 19) of “Die Wollnys”, Sylvana Wollny, 30, and Florian Köster, 33, let the viewers participate in a special moment. But things don’t seem to go according to plan…

  • In September, Florian Köster made an application to Sylvana Wollny
  • With “The Wollnys” you can now see how complicated the preparations for Flo’s romantic plan really were
  • In the meantime, however, it has long been known that Sylvana said “yes” to her loved one

The Wollnys: engagement in a roundabout way?

Wollny fans had been waiting for this news for years. Since over ten years Sylvana Wollny and Florian Köster are already going through life together, the couple has two daughters, Celina and Anastasia. The 33-year-old is no longer just an appendage of his well-known girlfriend, but has settled with his 116,000 followers built up a considerable fan base himself, and Florian can also be seen regularly in “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family”.

But what many Wollny fans have long wondered: Why don’t Sylvana and Flo finally get down to business and get married? And that’s exactly what the 33-year-old thought a few months ago, because in September 2021 he got on his knees in front of his children’s mother and finally asked her all the questions.

Florian Köster: Help with the application to Sylvana Wollny

In the latest episode of “Die Wollnys” tonight you can finally see how he Florian Köster’s marriage proposal really expired – and a first preview reveals that apparently nothing went as the 33-year-old had imagined.

The reason: the 33-year-old kept his plan to propose to Sylvana Wollny secret for a long time. Only two days before he got Sarafina’s husband Peter Wollny on board – and made it clear that he actually has no real plan as to where and how he would like to ask for his loved one’s hand.

Together with Peter, he therefore made his way to a possible location, but the father of two did not seem to be really enthusiastic when Peter Wollny opened up a possible suitable place for an application: “Nah, I don’t know… That looks goofy”, the 33-year-old was a little disappointed.

Will the planned engagement end in disaster? Probably not! In the end, Florian Köster still had an idea – and after all, it has long been known that that Sylvana Wollny was overjoyed and said “yes”.

You can watch the romantic engagement tonight at 8:15 p.m. on “Die Wollnys – Eine absolutely big family” on RTLZWEI and already on RTL+ look at.

Sources used: RTLZWEI/”The Wollnys”