Sylvia Pasquel revealed what she would do with the inheritance her mother left her

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Pinal family continues to give something to talk about and after the controversy of the theater of Silvia Pinal and his son Luis Enrique Guzmán, now his sister Sylvia Pasquel was questioned about her plans with her mother’s inheritance.

It was during an interview with ‘Netas Divinas’ in which the also actress was questioned about whether she would distribute something to her brothers in case she was the only one who inherited everything.

“Oh, this topic because it is currently in vogue. For me, what I think is the best inheritance is what I have shared and what I have lived in life with them (my loved ones), ”she replied.

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The daughter of Silvia Pinal She added that her mother has taught her to be independent and that she has her own heritage thanks to her hard work.

He also confessed that said heritage intends to share it with a large part of his family. “I plan to share it with my sisters, with my daughter, with my granddaughter, because I am not going to leave everything to my daughter and granddaughters, I also have loved ones to whom I want to leave something, maybe a cousin”, counted.

This issue comes to light after the problems that Silvia Pinal’s children have faced in recent weeks, as well as the covid-19 contagion of the first actress, who recently resumed her theatrical career.

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Luis Enrique Guzmanson of Silvia Pineal, He evidenced the conditions of his mother’s theater and stated that the administrator would be removed from her position in the first days of March because some businessmen and producers moved away from the place due to the control that existed.

“We are in the process of liquidating it precisely so that there are no longer any problems. We also do not want to cause or cause problems for my mother because she has a friendship of many years and all that is respected, but it is already a new era in which we need to move things and not just leave them parked there, “he said on TV Azteca.

Marbán limited himself to giving his point of view and commenting that he has no problem ending his employment relationship with the Pinal family.

“I have not gone to the roof or to see how the entrances are, I do not go there. So I think they are doing more or less well, that’s the only thing I know, “said Silvia Pinal about it.

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