Sylvie Meis: “I am more than cancer”

Almost 14 years ago, Sylvie Meis (44) received a diagnosis that turned her entire life upside down: breast cancer. The presenter was just 31 years old at the time, but she didn’t let her illness get her down. Since then she has been working with the DKMS for cancer patients and was also there on Thursday evening (September 22nd) in Berlin at the soiree, which was themed “Dream Big”. spoke to the pretty blonde and in the interview she remembers what helped her back then: “I had to fight for my son Damián and learn to think positively. I am more than cancer”.

In the video above you can see the complete interview with Sylvie Meis.

Sylvie Meis warns: “Don’t google everything”

With her commitment, she wants to encourage people whose world has been completely turned upside down by cancer. She has an important tip for everyone who is struggling with this fate: “Don’t google everything”.

Sylvie Meis: Son Damián goes his own way

When Sylvie Meis fell ill, her son Damián (16) was just three years old. But he still remembers everything, Sylvie tells When her hair finally started to grow back after chemotherapy, he stroked her head and said, “Now mom is happy again.”

Even today, the two have a very strong mother-son relationship – so it was very difficult for the 44-year-old when her offspring moved to the Netherlands: “It was very difficult to let Damian go,” she admits. Nevertheless, she lets the 16-year-old go his own way and is very proud of him. She gets along well with his girlfriend, but when asked, she just laughs into the camera and says “That’s his life”.