Sylvie Meis talks about her beauty interventions: “Beauty has no age”

Blonde hair, long legs, always well styled and hardly a wrinkle: presenter Sylvie Meis looks great at 44. There are certainly many women who want to look exactly like this. Like Barbara Schöneberger, for example, who recently explained: “I want to look like Sylvie Meis”.

But does the 44-year-old simply have very good genes or has she perhaps already helped in one or the other place? That’s exactly what Sylvie reveals in an interview with “picture“.

“Beauty is not a beast if we recognize it in its diversity and as an individual expression,” emphasizes Meis, adding: “Beauty has no age and no specific look. For me personally, beauty means feeling good, radiating self-confidence.”

Sylvie Meis explains in the video above: “My self-confidence has grown since I’ve known Niclas”

Sylvie Meis: “I want to look naturally beautiful with it”

Despite saying beauty knows no age and exuding confidence, the mom-to-one admits she uses hyaluron filler on her cheekbones, lips and jawline. “I want to look naturally beautiful with it and achieve a natural result. Once or twice a year I see what I still need to improve,” explains Sylvie.

Already in her mid-30s she experimented with “lip filler” for the first time, says the 44-year-old. However, she emphasizes to “Bild” that that is her decision alone. Everyone can do what they want. The wife of artist Niclas Castello (43) also thinks it’s perfectly fine when someone says they don’t want anything done.

“Freedom is always acceptance and tolerance,” she explains, adding: “I believe that even if I do some things, I’ll age gracefully.” So far she hasn’t had anything done operationally, but you never know what the future will bring. “Everyone should find their own way,” emphasizes Sylvie Meis.