Sylvie Meis unpacks about beauty interventions

Meanwhile, Sylvie Meis no longer makes a secret of her visits to the beauty doctor. In a new interview, the presenter now goes into detail and reveals exactly where she can help.

“I also think it’s good when someone says I don’t want anything done,” explains Sylvie Meis in an interview with “Bild”. But she herself decided a few years ago to make an appointment with the beauty practice from time to time. The presenter revealed this at the end of last year.

And where exactly can it be “optimized” regularly, according to its own statements, once or twice a year? “I use hyaluron filler on my face. On the cheekbones, lips, jawlines,” she now describes. “I want to look naturally beautiful and achieve a natural result.” In her mid-30s she tried lip fillers for the first time. She has not yet undergone a beauty operation – “but you can never say never”.

She is not afraid of getting older

She thinks it’s great what opportunities there are today and that everyone has the chance to “find their own way”. Her take on the subject is: “Beauty is not a beast if we recognize it in its diversity and as an individual expression. Beauty has no age and no specific look.” For her personally, beauty means feeling good and radiating self-confidence.

“Then I feel beautiful too. I’m 44 now. I love my age and I’m not afraid of getting older,” she continues. In addition, despite her regular treatments, she says: “I believe that even if I do some things, I will age gracefully.”