Sylvie Tellier approached for Star Academy: why she refused to be its director

On the occasion of her presence at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival this Tuesday, June 21, Sylvie Tellier confided in Radio Monaco. Approached to be part of the new season of Star Academy, she explained why she ultimately declined the offer.

It’s official, Sylvie Tellier will not be part of the next season of Star Academy. Whereas the cult TF1 show is about to return to the small windowthe general manager of the Miss France company was approached to integrate the adventure as director. I was extremely touched that someone thought of me for this kind of program. Because I believe that Star Ac, I was elected in December 2001, it was the first year of Star Ac. This is Jenifer who had won this show which I had followed with great pleasure, because it gives young people the chance to live their passions, a bit like Miss France in fact“, she confided, during an interview with Radio Monaco, published this Wednesday, June 22.

The Miss boss then explained why she refused this offer yet tempting:I’m not sure if I’m expected in a role of director of Star Academy“, she estimated. If she was “extremely proud“that the production think of her to be the new director of tele-hook, she specified:”These are not in my immediate plans. I am convinced that they will have a director who will be fabulous for this exercise.“, she declared on the airwaves of Radio Monaco.

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A role that is not always easy to assume

With our colleagues, Sylvie Tellier also underlined that this role of “director“, as it is within Miss France, did not only present advantages: “I sometimes suffered a little from this role of director because you always need a conductor who is there to try to follow a line and enforce a rule”, she pointed out. And announce: If in the future I had to do something, I would like to potentially not find myself in the application of rules anymore. We have several lives, we must not stay in the same field.“Things are said!

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