Sylvie Tellier, her children “not at all” happy to see her leave Miss France


Three months ago, after 17 years of good and loyal service, Sylvie Tellier made the decision to leave her post as general manager of the Miss France company. A decision that delighted some relatives, others less.

On December 17 in Châteauroux, Sylvie Tellier co-hosted her very last Miss France election alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault. As he thanked his family – then behind the scenes for the first time – for their support throughout his seventeen years at the head of the company, the former beauty queen was overwhelmed with emotionshe who is not the type to have wet eyes in public.

Two weeks later, Sylvie Tellier savors her new life, freed from all commitment, with her first family Christmas vacation in the mountains. In a ski suit, between two snowball fights, Miss France 2002 confided in Paris Match on this new page she writes (not) away from the contest. The opportunity for her to tell the joy of her husband Laurent Schenten and their youngest son, Romeo (4 years old), when she announced her departure plan to them three months ago.

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

“My husband and the youngest, of course, were very happy. But my eldest son who is 12 years old [Oscar] and his sister who is 8 [Margaux], not at all, when I thought they were going to scream with joy! They wanted to know if they would continue to see the Misses, whom they adore, each for different reasons. I had to reassure them by explaining to them that I will keep one foot in the Miss France family”, confides the one who was appointed honorary president by Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the new president since 2021.

“I am one of those who dare to change their lives”

Another close to Sylvie Tellier showed him his concern when he learned of his departure: his mother. “” But finally, you realize, you leave a salary, a position, a status, “said my mother, a little devastated. She was 40 when she divorced to raise my sisters and me alone. She was unemployed and gave us everything, really everything. She is of this generation where one did not leave the prey for the shade. Me, on the contrary, I am one of those who dare to change their lives,” adds the who has just created the Made in Excellence structurewith which it intends to promote French know-how.