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With more than 50 artists on stage, including symphonic musicians, choirs, dancers, special effects technicians and the rock performer One Wiza, the Queen Symphonic show will go on stage from today until Sunday, accompanied by the Philharmonic Camerata Orchestra and the direction of master Emanuel Olivieri, at the Santurce Fine Arts Center.

The event is in honor of Freddy Mercury (1946-1991), one of the most iconic rock singers of all time.

Among the repertoire represented will be one of his most recognized hits, Bohemian Rhapsody, by his band Queen, written in 1975 for the album A Night at the Opera, with a dissimilar structure. In fact, the rhapsody constitutes a musical piece of romanticism, loosely linked by different thematic parts. In his case, Mercury surprised the rock world by composing a classical-style rhapsody rather than popular music.

The song has no chorus and consists of six sections: an a cappella introduction, a ballad, a guitar solo, an operatic segment, a rock section, and a coda that picks up the tempo and key of the introductory ballad. The guitar solo on this song has been considered the 20th best of all time in the UK. His impact was such that he sold 2,176,000 singles in one week.

“We did Symphonic Queen in Guatemala in 2019 and we have postponed it from 2019 to 2021, with the Colombian singer One Wiza, who has made a career in several countries. The Camerata Philharmonic Orchestra will present for the first time in Puerto Rico a concert dedicated to the music of the legendary group Queen. I’ve seen Metallica shows on this piece and they can’t balance the electric guitar and drums, and both are overpowering. However, we have stopped the distortion on the guitar and rock elements on the drums, to offer balanced tracks. The public is going to enjoy the songs with the strength of the original and with a first-class singer”, Olivieri advanced in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

Symphonic Queen 2

This team appreciates its shows on Disney, Broadway, Halloween, X’mas, Princesses and Heroines, and Queen Back to the 80’s Side B. They have sought what the public asks for first and it is always a triangle that seeks good music and With sympathy.

“We have almost 30 numbers, lights, screen, special effects, projections. It is important that they see live music. Not everything is computer. We are 30 in the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Camerata. The experience of seeing the instruments live is paramount, which with Queen’s repertoire looks more creative in the history of rock”, highlighted Olivieri.

Tickets are available at Ticketera.

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