Symphony Orchestra of Puerto Rico offers concert in solidarity with Jorge de Zayas | shows

The moment of “many doing for one” will result in the concert of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (OSPR) Ua Night of Friendship and Solidarity with Jorge de Zayastomorrow Wednesday, at 7:00 pm, in the Pablo Casals Symphony Hall, under the direction of Rafael Enrique Irizarry.

“The OSPR is the entity with which Mr. de Zayas has been linked for almost 30 years and it is initially his fellow partners in this entity that generate this initiative… A few weeks ago a fire occurred in an apartment in the area de Caparra who received extensive news coverage due to his voracity. It is not the surprise of many to find out that the injured person was the friend Jorge de Zayas”, explained Irizarry to THE SPOKESMAN.

De Zayas is a music fan, who presided over the Pro-Symphony Orchestra Association, entity dedicated to the defense, protection and promotion of the OSPR.

“What defines the people who participate in this entity is their love for good music, which does not necessarily have to be cultured music… Don Jorge had an impressive record collection. The fire was so voracious that it consumed the entire interior of the apartment and all that collection disappeared”, the director specified.

To enjoy the concert it is not necessary to buy a ticket, but donations are requested for the benefit of the victim through ATH Móvil, at 787-983-2587.

“There are some elements that are going to be a surprise for the honoree and we want to keep them, but the OSPR in the future of the concert is going to show everything it is capable of doing from classical, symphonic, European, concert music. Some movie things that we know are to the liking of Don Jorge”, anticipated the teacher.

“Come to the concert to help a person who has enough merit to receive this help”, invited Irizarry.

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