Tagesschau: Scandal in the ARD – “Then we’ll just bomb Finland”

“Tagesschau”: scandalous statements in the ARD – “Then we’ll just bomb Finland”

05/14/2022 at 11:41 p.m

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

Maischberger, Lanz and Co.: These are the German talk show hosts

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It’s slowly becoming concrete. If all thirty members agree, Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO. A topic that is hotly debated. Also in the “daily News“ (ARD).

That’s how the news came in the 8 p.m. edition of “daily News‘ on Saturday night. Initially, the point was that Turkey wanted to prevent the two countries from joining, so Ankara was sure that neither Sweden nor Finland would do enough against the Kurdish PKK. On the contrary.

“Tagesschau”: scandalous statements in the ARD news program

“Scandinavian countries are like a guest house for terrorist groups. PKK members are hiding in Sweden and the Netherlands. There are supporters of terrorism in Parliament. We cannot be positive about it,” said Turkish President Erdogan.

After Turkey had been dealt with, the “Tagesschau” dealt with another opponent of Finland’s NATO membership: Russia. The “Tagesschau” had captured the voices of passers-by from St. Petersburg. And one man in particular was very direct in his opinion.


The “daily News“: You have to know that

  • The “Tagesschau” has been broadcast on ARD since 1952
  • It is produced in Hamburg
  • The music comes from musician Hans Carste
  • The speakers include Jens Riewa, Judith Rakers and Susanne Daubner


“Then we’ll just bomb Finland. Everyone will dance to our tune. Seriously,” the man said. Why did the “Tagesschau” offer him such a stage? Not clear. However, it is clear that not all Russians think so. A young woman said on the show; “My friends and I feel no threat. Only our government feels that.” One can only hope that after these statements they will not feel any threat in the future either.

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More about the “daily show”:

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