Take a deep breath before seeing what Benjamín Vicuña looked like in his childhood

Benjamin Vicuna He is living a full present, finishing recording the movie “Papá al rescue” for which he has had to travel weekly to Mendoza. It has a Chilean-Argentine production and the national actor has been happy with the work he has performed.

In turn, “El Primero de Nosotros” premiered a few weeks ago, the strip that is already seen on Telefe (Argentina) and which has had excellent rating points. There, she has had to play strong scenes with actress Paola Krum. “The one who approaches Benjamin, it sounded Those of us who know him are scared. Poor man, he is so divine. He is a charm, it was a pleasure to work with him, but we do not even have a friendly relationship, “said the actress in dialogue with Agarrate Catalina on La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad.