Tania Rincón, a beauty that does not need makeup to captivate

One of the famous conductors of the Today program and former beauty queen, Tania Rincón, has shown on countless occasions that, at 35 years of age, she is one of the few artists that sports a skin and a face spectacularwithout a drop of makeup.

Through their social networks, Tania Rincon, always shares his day to day, either showing off his great figure with the risky outfits that he uses in the morning, also when he goes on a trip and even at times when his face does not require a drop of make-up.

Undoubtedly, Tania Rinconis one of the famous TV who has shown to have a beauty very natural and jovial, because, compared to her colleagues on the show, she is the only one who has not passed 40 years of age. Hence, she still allows herself to appear without a drop of make-up.

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Something that draws attention is Tania Rincón’s fondness for taking pictures in magical and spectacular places, where nature predominates, and in which she always stands out with her natural beauty. Landscapes that go very well with this Christmas season.

In her years of experience, Tania Rincón has shown that she is a multifaceted star, since she has just returned from Qatar, where she showed that she also knows soccer, talents that have made her stand out and make her one of the most important influencers. from Mexico.

In addition to all this, she has also stood out for her great beauty and her silhouette that she preserves thanks to her very healthy lifestyle, with which she has managed not only to have that short waist, but also to have fresh and wonderful skin without a drop of age. make-up.

It should be noted that precisely because of this love of healthy living, Tania Rincón has shared her passion and taste for sport. She, in particular, loves to run, swim and exercise to maintain that scandalous figure. She has even run marathons and has participated in sports competitions.

Hence, among the photos that the famous Tania Rincón gave us, during this 2022, she has also highlighted when she goes to the gym, well, she looks really beautiful. Place in which she shows off her flattering results with tight sports pants and various tops with which she shows her effort in the gym.

Undoubtedly, Tania Rincon, continues to be a beauty queen, showing that the years do not pass by her and that, just like in her twenties, she continues to look fabulous and radiant without a drop of makeup. She is one of the most beautiful women that television currently has and who has also become a favorite of viewers.

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