Tania Rincón remembers the support of Fernando del Solar in ‘Venga la Alegría’ – New Woman

The unfortunate departure of Fernando del Solar left a great void in the hearts of those who had the opportunity to work with him and experience his warmth. Recently Tania Rincón recalled how he supported her during her participation in ‘Venga la Alegría’.

Fernando del Solar is remembered as a good friend by Tania Rincón

Fernando del Solar earned a place on Mexican television by being part of morning shows, where he conquered the hearts of the public. It was in one of them that he met Tania Rinconwith whom developed a good friendship.

After the news of his death, The host of “Hoy” expressed her sadness and could not contain her tears when she remembered how Fernando helped her at the beginning of her career.

“He was always a generous guy, I remember him as a great guide. He was the first one who took my hand and said: ‘Here I am’ ”

For her this gesture was important, since he was an established driver and she was just beginning her career.

“Being the figure that he was that approached me when I was just beginning, I considered it, and I always told him, the best details. He was a guy who always remembered the name of your important people.”

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For Tania, the teaching that her friend left her is to live in the present and not stop showing your feelings to the people you love.

“It is hard to know that he was ahead of us and above all to understand the legacy that Fer would have wanted to give us. There is no tomorrow and we have to live in the now”

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He also added that Fernando was always a loving and warm person. who did not hesitate to help others.

“We think that people are eternal and now there is no tomorrow because we live in a hurry, suddenly we live very fast. Fer was a supportive, good, affectionate guy, who welcomed you like a family”

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Finally, he said that he will miss him very much and that he considers him a member of his family.Well, he always treated everyone that way.

“He was a very close friends and family type, so we’re already missing him.”

Friends of Fernando del Solar remember him and his teachings

Since his departure, messages have emerged from coworkers and friends who remember him as a charismatic, kind person who wanted to share life with others.

They have especially highlighted the love that Fernando had for his wifewhom he always described as a wonderful and kind person, who stayed by his side until the last moments of his life.

Andrea Escalona, ​​recalled in a broadcast of the “Hoy” program, that Fernando was not afraid of death and that’s why he knows he left in peace.

The driver recalled that previously, he had already gone through a delicate health situation that led him to come close to death. When he recovered, he shared his experience with her.

“When they brought him here there was a talk and he saw death and came out of it and told me: ‘Andre – Magda, my aunt and I were there – don’t be afraid of death, it’s very beautiful, it’s a lot of peace, it’s a lot of tranquility’, and I come back from that, now, I know that he is at peace”