Tantrum and ultimate password: new allegations from Prince Harry towards royals

Prince Harry’s memoirs are out on Tuesday (January 10). But because they were briefly available in several bookstores in Spain on Thursday, British media were able to secure copies in advance and publish spicy revelations.

There are now new details about the rift between Prince Harry and his brother William: According to a report in the “Daily Mail”, Harry writes in his memoirs that William used a special code from the brothers in a dispute. These are three words that have only been used in “times of extreme crisis” since the brothers were children. “He used the secret code, the ultimate password,” Harry writes, according to the information.

According to the report, the argument was about the sensational interview Prince Harry and Meghan previously gave to US talk show legend Oprah Winfrey. In it they had made bitter accusations against the royal family.

William is said to have yelled at Harry

After Philip’s funeral in April 2021, the “Daily Mail” reports that Charles, William and Harry went for a walk together. Harry tried to address allegations of bullying against Meghan, but his brother and father did not listen, Prince Harry writes in his autobiography “Spare” (“Reserve”). William screamed at him with anger, it is said.

“I waved my hand in disgust, but he lunged at me and grabbed my shirt,” the newspaper quoted Harry’s memoirs as saying. “Listen to me, Harold,” William is said to have said. “I backed away, avoiding his gaze. He made me look into his eyes.”

Accordingly, William swore on the life of her mother, Princess Diana, that he only meant well for Harry. And he reportedly said, “Listen to me, Harold, listen to me! I love you, Harold! I want you to be happy.” According to the report, Harry replied: “I love you too… But your stubbornness is extraordinary!” At the end of the argument, William hugged his little brother.

“Crying is not an option – never”

According to another report, after the death of his mother Diana in 1997, Harry felt guilty because he could not show his emotions. In front of Kensington Palace, he and his brother William met grieving people and smiled, wrote the “Daily Telegraph” on Sunday. People’s hands were wet with tears. “I didn’t like the touch of those hands. I didn’t even like the way they made me feel guilty,” Harry wrote, according to the report. “Why were all these people crying when I wasn’t crying or had been crying myself?” the prince is quoted as saying. “I wanted to cry and I tried to because my mother’s life was so sad, but I couldn’t… not a tear.”

The prince blames his family for this: “Maybe I had internalized the family maxim too much that crying is not an option – never.” After Diana’s death, there was a dispute as to whether Harry and his brother William should walk behind the coffin at their mother’s funeral, the Daily Telegraph reported. Diana’s brother Charles Spencer has taken issue with the royal family, calling it “barbaric” that 12-year-old Harry and 15-year-old William should be given this difficult task.

Alternate plan: William should have walked behind Diana’s coffin alone

An alternative plan, according to which William should start the difficult walk alone, was rejected by Harry. “It didn’t feel right that Willy should have it so difficult without me,” the prince wrote in his memoirs. “It seemed like a lot to ask of two children.” Several adults were “horrified”.

William, Harry and Charles on the day of Diana's funeral

William, Harry and Charles on the day of Diana’s funeral

British PM defended royals

Despite the spicy revelations in Prince Harry’s memoirs, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (42) thinks highly of the Royals. “I think the public, like me, has tremendous respect for the royal family, that they are deeply proud of them,” Sunak told the BBC on Sunday. “She’s one of those things I’m most proud of when I think of Britain.”

He hopes King Charles’ coronation will be “another fantastic opportunity” for the country to come together and “celebrate something that is special to Britain”. Speaking to broadcaster ITV, when asked if he wanted to attend his father’s coronation in May, Harry evaded: “A lot can happen before then.” In the same interview, Harry reveals he wishes William and his father “back”. The ball is now in the playing field of the palace.

royal silence

The royal family has so far remained silent on the allegations. William is doing this “for the family and the country”, the “Sunday Times” claims to have learned from close friends of the British heir to the throne. In view of the revelations, however, a reconciliation between the brothers seems a long way off.