Tarek Benattia: Cold with his sister Nabilla, he posts a poignant message on the networks

It’s no secret that Nabilla and her little brother Tarek Benattia have been cold for several months now. Moreover, during a recent interview with Jeremstar, the young Tarek had confided in this subject. And if it seemed to him, just like Nabilla, to camp on his positions, Camélia, said that she deeply regretted this situation. But today, Liaam’s dad took to his Snapchat account to send a touching message to their mother with Nabilla, Marie-Luce.

Marie-Luce risks being very affected!

We could read: “My mother stayed nine days in Dubai. I was able to enjoy her only two days. It gave me a boost thank God. I took care of her like a queen. She deserves it, she does so much and gives a lot of herself so that we never miss anything. She is a golden woman who deserves to be happy all her life. I hope I can give her all the love she deserves and I will always make sure she knows that I love her more than anything. Sometimes I regret living far away and not being able to be with her often. But I work to the maximum so that she lacks nothing, give her all the respect and love she deserves. »

Tarek Benattia: Cold with his sister Nabilla, he posts a poignant message on the networks
Tarek’s message © Snapchat TarekBenattia1

He concluded : “I love you mom you are a golden woman I will give everything for you. May God keep you healthy and protect you for all the love you give me and my son and my wife. You are the best of mothers. For nothing in the world I will change you. Thank you Allah for giving me such a kind mother with so much having and compassion. I will do anything to keep you by my side as long as possible. May Allah protect you I love you mom. » It’s really very touching and we are convinced that Marie-Luce will be very touched to read this lovely text by his son Tarek. What do you think ?

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/253171-tarek-benattia-en-froid-avec-sa-soeur-nabilla-il-poste-un-message-poignant-sur-les-reseaux