Tarzan says he has one more reason to eliminate Criollo from ‘The Box’ Challenge, what is it?

The captain of the Alpha team, on the TV show Challenge ‘The Box’has set out to show much more appreciation for his teammates, which he has already begun to do by talking to his teammate Karol about her love interests, according to him, to learn how to get closer to her from her tastes.

The conversation took place with the other members of the team, who took with humor the flirtation that Tarzan made to Karol, saying that he was going to learn what he liked to seem more attractive to him.

In the midst of laughter the participant of Challenge ‘The Box’ She said that she liked more muscular men, a comment that served to make her classmates laugh at Tarzanwhom they said they would soon see exercising to make their body bigger and be able to attract Karol, and named Criollo, their rival who plays for the Gamma team.

One day after having this talk, in which the man from the coast was not very happy with the fact that his opponent had been named, he himself decided to ask Karol about a “hot dream” he would have had with Criollo.

“What happened to Criollo? Tell me”, was the question that the captain of Alpha asked his partner, who decided to relate this dream he had had with the member of Gamma.

“I got up and said “why did I have such a strange dream?” Karol answered, to which Tarzan continued asking if he had kissed her and she replied with laughter that her rival tried to kiss her in her dream, which she didn’t like. the team leader liked.

The young woman continued to say that she “played hard” so that Criollo could not kiss her. “I remember that it was dawn and I told him “I have to go to work”. When we supposedly arrived at work, we were without shoes, ”she told her story, before stating that she found it very funny.

Tarzan, for his part, said he didn’t find it funny, and joked with his teammates about having “one more reason to eliminate Creole.” “What a betrayal, right? That they dream of another man being next to one”, The coastal man finished off, letting himself be seen – between laughs – jealous of the spicy dream that his partner had with this man.

The leader of Alpha ended up jokingly saying that he would like to dream of hitting Criollo, to which Karol replied by telling him that he was going to scare his fans away. “You don’t need more admirers, you already have one”, was the final sentence with which the man made clear his humorous intention towards the young woman.

The comical episode of the program caused a furor on social networks, which were filled with memes in which Twitter users They graciously assured that Karol has no loving intentions towards Tarzan, and Tarzan made a fool of himself by expressing his unrequited love.

Also, in the comments of the episode, some Internet users took the opportunity to give some compliments to the protagonist of the dreams of the participant of the Challenge ‘The Box’, and they said that not only did she dream of him, but that they all did, alluding to his attractiveness.