‘Tatán’ Mejía claimed De Zubiría for speaking English to him

This Wednesday, May 11, in the “Masterchef Celebrity” chapter, a salvation challenge was given in which the participants had to present seven blind dishes for the celebrities who were already on the balcony.

To everyone’s surprise, the presenter Claudia Bahamón was not on the set, but she left a video in which she explained that the challenge was that ‘Chicho’, Cristina Campuzano, Isabella Santiago, Manuela González, Aída Morales and ‘Tatán’ Mejía had to cook for their other companions.

However, and fortunately for the celebrities, the chefs would advise on the preparations, but they couldn’t “put their hands in” to help them, since they couldn’t even try the dishes to give their point of view.

The teams were formed as follows: Nicolás de Zubiría would support “Tatán” and Cristina Campuzano, Jorge Rausch would be with “Chicho” and Aída Morales, and Christopher Carpentier would watch over Isabella Santiago and Manuela González.

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In the middle of the test, marked by tension and stress, some participants had occasional discussions with the chef who was advising them, since the ideas did not coincide. However, many highlighted the support they received from the experts.

“‘Nico’ knows more than us and I take these challenges to get all the information he has and I ask him everything”, ‘Tatán’ Mejía highlighted at the time.

But all of his face when De Zubiría suggested leaving a container for a special preparation. “Here we are going to make the ‘stir-fry’”, the chef said. The motorcyclist looked at him confused and immediately said: “Speak to me in Spanish, mari…”. Given this, De Zuribía explained that it was the “sautéed vegetables” that he was referring to.

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After the confusion, ‘Tatán’ mentioned that he was “learning international cuisine, but it’s hard for me.” This was reinforced when he was consulted by the production about what happened.

They spoke in English [De Zubiría y Campuzano] and I said ‘they don’t want me to hear, right’. ‘Nico’, güe… talk to me in Spanish, mari… I’m thinking a lot. I am very confused and you are putting me to translate, ”said the athlete in a tone of laughter.

Finally, and after the tasting that the diners had, who did not know who prepared each dish, the qualifications left Manuela González and Isabella Santiago as the winners of the challenge. In this way, Carpentier takes the undefeated away from Nicolás de Zubiría, who had won all the group challenges.