‘Tatán’ Mejía faced his phobia of worms by cooking mojojoy

After the last elimination challenge in which Pamela Ospina had to say goodbye to the ‘Masterchef’ kitchen, the participants who are still in the competition faced the mystery box.

With expectation, the celebrities found within them the names of various regions of Colombia, situation that immediately caused nerves in many because they imagined what it was about. They had to cook the most feared proteins: guinea pig and mojojoy, as well as kid and veal.

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Most of the contestants tried their best to handle the situation, but ‘Tatán’ Mejía did not hesitate to express his discontent and concern when he saw his greatest fear come true.

Finding the name Amazonas in his mystery box, the professional motocross and freestyle rider began to worry, Y his fear increased when he realized that he had to prepare a dish based on mojojoy. “I have a phobia of them” she said immediately.

“I kept it to myself because not even my wife knew, but now the whole world knows. This is costing me a lot of work. I am dealing with a feeling that I have never faced before,” Mejía said with obvious displeasure.

Faced with her stress from the challenge, Claudia Bahamón told her: “In this kitchen we have had to face many phobias. You have to see the positive side because we can face our fear, overcome them and be proud of it”.

Later, in the middle of preparing his dish, ‘Tatán’ Mejía expressed his frustration at the challenge. “I don’t know how to put this pod in a ‘gourmet’ dish. I don’t think I’ll make it because I feel like I can’t get over my fear.”

Despite his fears, the contestant fulfilled the mission but was not called to the lectern, so it is unknown how his food turned out. “The judges were afraid to try my worm,” he said.