‘Tatán’ Mejía investigated ‘paranormal activity’ in RCN

In the middle of the recordings of the RCN cooking reality show ‘Masterchef’, Its participants, in addition to giving it their all in each of the challenges, also try to relax and have fun during the breaks.

Through the Instagram stories that celebrities share with their followers, they show how the relationship between them is and what they do to pass the time in the middle of the breaks in the program.

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They investigate if there is a ghost in the ‘Masterchef’ studios

Recently, ‘Tatán’ Mejía, in the company of Ramiro Meneses, began an ‘investigation’ very much in the style of ‘They are here’ to solve the mystery of some strange noises that were heard in one of the channel’s studios.

In addition to the two participants, Several members of the production also joined the disturbing exploration.

“I want to tell you something that happens on Canal RCN, and it is that they say that they are scary here. We find the exact place where they scare and we are going to break that myth, ”says Mejía in a video that she posted on her networks.

To everyone’s surprise, upon reaching the alleged point where some kind of paranormal activity was manifesting, they found ‘Estiwar G’ in a towel and installed with his personal belongings in that place.

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The funny clip was applauded by the followers of the competitors for the creativity and good vibes they transmit.

“The best Masterchef team in years”, “he already had his invasion”, “he was already accommodating the cambuche as it is”, “he was doing witchcraft to Claudia”, “well, we already know what ‘Estiwar G’ does bathes and cries at night”, are some of the many comments that the video received.