Tatán Mejía is a new semifinalist in the Masterchef Celebrity program

In the most recent chapter of Masterchef Celebrity, Tatán Mejía received news that left him speechless and received hugs from his companions.

Tatan Mejia has been listed as one of the best contestants this season of master chef celebrities.

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The tension in the kitchen of RCN is getting stronger, and the participants begin to feel the weight of reaching the semifinal.

the husband of Maleja Restrepo He once again demonstrated his culinary skills and confirmed that he is more than ready to reach the final of the contest, as more than one confirmed when it was leaked who could be the celebrity who won the competition.

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“I have been looking for it with great enthusiasm”: Tatán Mejía, from Masterchef celebrities broke down crying

In the most recent chapter of the RCN cooking contest, Tatán Mejía became the third participant to win a place among the 6 semifinalists.

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His preparation of pork with mushrooms and bacon, which the same chef and jury Jorge Rauch titled with the name of A spot in the semi-final¸ effectively gave Tatan the place he so long sought.

When Christopher Carpentier mentioned his name, the paisa couldn’t hold back his tears. He immediately received the support of his teammates. “It gives me joy because it has been worth it, I have looked for it a lot, I have looked for it with great desire” said the 36-year-old athlete with a broken voice, as he dried his tears.

For their part, celebrities like Cristina Campuzano, isabella santiago Y boy They assured before the RCN cameras that the contestant deserves the recognition, since all are witnesses of how much he has studied to achieve it.

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With the announcement, Tatán Mejía was saved from going to the elimination challenge and went up to the balcony to accompany his teammates Ramiro Meneses Y boywho are also part of the six semi-finalists of master chef celebrities.

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