‘Tatán’ Mejía launched a rudeness in ‘Masterchef’ due to Chicho’s carelessness

This Friday, March 25, there was a complicated test in the kitchen of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, of Canal RCN, where half of the group had a black apron and they had to give everything to get the immunity pin. The Chefs decided that the challenge will be taken on in pairs, made up of someone with a black apron and another with a white one..

One of the couples made up of Aída Morales, the queen of chunchullo in the competition, was that of ‘Tatán’ and Chicho, who experienced a rather curious moment.

As usual, the chefs visited the couples in order to suggest some recipes, although some comments confused many.

When Jorge Rausch and Nicolás de Zubiria arrived at the position of ‘Tatan’ Mejía and Chicho managed to scare the motorcyclist. “Chef scared me,” Tatán said amid laughter. “But we did come to help him,” De Zubiria replied.

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The explanation of the dish that “Tatán” made was not received in the best way by the jury, who told him that it was time to change the plating tactic, since it was very similar to the one used in previous days.

“You think the same trick works twice for you,” Rausch said. “Yes, sir, but the other was different,” the content creator defended himself.

After a short discussion, “Tatán” got desperate and asked Chicho to serve the chefs with his recommendations. “I’m already sweating, talk to them”pronounced.

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However, it was not the best decision since Chicho neglected his work and did not realize that the cream that was in the mixer had been damaged while speaking to the jurors.

Realizing what had happened, Chicho ran to save the cream, but it was too late and he had to start a new one. The moment caused the laughter of many, but not that of ‘Tatán’ who showed his annoyance at the mistake with the preparation.

“Juepu… the cream”, scream. Later he explained: “Everything was damaged, we had 10 plans and the 10 went wrong.”

This surprised his companion, who had no choice but to go back to preparing the accompaniment for the final dish.