‘Tatán’ Mejía revealed what he will do if he wins a millionaire prize

There are only a few days left to meet the celebrity who will win the title of “Masterchef” in Colombia. There are only five participants left, who, in the midst of excitement and nerves, they have had difficulties in the last challenges.

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Ramiro Meneses, Carlos Báez, Cristina Campuzano, ‘Tatán’ Mejía and ‘Chicho’ Ariasobviously exhausted, have given their best in the RCN kitchen to accumulate points that allow them to qualify among the four finalists, although, a few weeks ago, it was leaked who will reach the grand finale.

The public’s favorites to win this contest are ‘Tatán’ Mejía and Ramiro Menesesalthough in recent challenges Carlos Báez has surprised the judges with his preparations, so he could also achieve the long-awaited prize.

through social networks, the motocrossista said that before starting the recordings of ‘Masterchef’ he knew very little about cooking, so accepting to participate in the ‘reality’ turned out to be quite a challenge for him.

However, the man decided to seek professional help to learn recipes and techniques that would allow him to have a good development within the program. According to the racing motorcycle fan, he enlisted the help of at least six chefs.

Likewise, he explained that, although the competition has been difficult, the best thing about participating in said program was learning from the processes regardless of the results.

Finally, revealed what he would do with the prize, which will be 200 million pesos, if he wins ‘Masterchef’.

Mejía and his wife, ‘Maleja’ Restrepo, are in the process of building their home, and if he turns out to be the winner, he will allocate that money to said family project. “The issue of winning is fine, because we need that talk to be able to finish the house,” he assured.