Tatiana and her three spectacular outfits in MasterChef Junior

The presenter of MasterChef Junior, Tatiana, has surprised with three spectacular outfits in one of its editions of the program, without a doubt with a youthful touch to captivate young and old.

Tatiana has shown her charisma as the queen of childrenin his participation in the cooking reality show produced by TvAztecathe interpreter of I don’t want to bathe has conquered with her unique personality and her bearing with her different outfits.

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Wine colored mini dress

As an elegant woman, Tatiana shows off a wine color mini dressa series of folds can be seen in the middle part, in addition to a huge bow, it is a special trick to hide any bulge that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Tatiana wears the piece of clothing with great pride and without a doubt it looks fantastic, the dress has long sleeves and bulging shoulder pads, as well as a high neck that makes her look the most spectacular, to complement, some silver pointe shoes and with glitters

Green dress with waistband

While the night passed and the challenges in the kitchen of MasterChef Junior, the participants as well as the chefs and the host Tatiana have traveled back in time to go to the time of the Mexican Revolution, where Tatiana has shown off a green dress with a waistband .

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Huge golden earrings and loose hair in a half ponytail is part of the outfit of the woman born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, in addition to the insopired tube dress and long sleeves that gives it an exceptional touch with a double buckle belt and a fabric with Mexican colors.

Tatiana and her three spectacular outfits in MasterChef Junior. Photo: Special

50’s rock style

In the same time travel of the cooking contest they were transported to the 50s so everyone wore a rock style and Tatiana was no exception as she has worn a figure of envy, at 53 years of age with about shiny black leggingsas well as a mini top and a leather jacket.

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The actress and television presenter boasts a flat abdomen and does not ask anything of the 20-year-olds, with a lot of energy and spirit confirms that to live life to the fullest there is no age that stops you and less to look spectacular in three cute outfits.

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