“Tatort” from Dresden: misogynistic? ARD changes THIS scene

Acting politically correct has never been more important than in these times. Every step is viewed critically, especially on the Internet. If you make a mistake, you will immediately be billed for it. The “Tatort” makers are also aware of this.

That’s why the director intervened at the right moment during the shooting of “Tatort: ​​Totes Herz” and saved ARD from a potential shitstorm. It may seem like an insignificant detail to most viewers, but when it comes to crime thriller production, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

ARD grants a look behind the Dresden “crime scene” scenes

On Sunday (January 8th) the ARD shows a new case from Dresden. The popular detective trio of Gorniak, Winkler and Schnabel investigate a murder at a family business. The relationship between the relatives seems extremely tense. When the autopsy of the corpse reveals that the murdered woman suffered from “Broken Heart Syndrome”, the investigation takes a sudden turn.

So that there are no nasty surprises after the broadcast, the “Tatort” makers take a very close look at the shooting, as a new video from the set shows. Before the broadcast date of “Totes Herz” the ARD shows the viewers on the net how it works behind the scenes. It quickly becomes apparent that there is far more laughter away from the camera than you would expect in a dramatic crime thriller like this one.

“Tatort” director must intervene – it’s about equal rights for women

However, director Andreas Herzog loses his laughter in one particular scene. It is an initially inconspicuous sight: Gorniak, Winkler and Schnabel go one after the other to a riverbank. Commissariat manager Schnabel (played by Martin Brambach) runs in front of the women and gives the direction.

At that moment the director suddenly intervened: “You know what bothers me? When the boss goes in front and the two women dabble behind, that seems kind of strange to me.” Schnabel may be Gorniak’s and Winkler’s boss, but the real leading roles in Dresden are played by the women. It seems anything but modern and progressive when they have to follow their boss like little children at every turn. In the worst case, this image could give the impression that women are being held down and oppressed by their male colleagues. In order to take the wind out of the critics’ sails, Andreas Herzog intervenes directly and has the scene shot again.

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“Tatort: ​​Totes Herz” will be broadcast on ARD on Sunday, January 8th at 8:15 p.m. Missed the program? The film can then be seen in the ARD media library for six months.