“Tatort” from Dresden: Shared joy – double joy?

“Tatort” from Dresden
Shared joy – double joy?

In a thriller full of predetermined breaking points, the matter with the wife of two was probably the most questionable detail: master gardener Teichmann does not notice that he is suddenly in bed with his wife’s murderous twin – is that realistic?

Admittedly – on Sunday evening around 8:15 p.m. it is sometimes advantageous to adjust the personal logic filter a little more coarsely. Crime in general, the “crime scene” in this case in particular, events condensed into 90 minutes, including family stories, team banter, plot twists and backgrounds, indulgence is called for when it comes to watertight realism versus story-supportive elasticity to deliver.

That department head Schnabel (Martin Brambach) recovered so quickly from his gunshot wound suffered two months ago in the episode “Cat and Mouse” – so be it. But that the good Patrick Teichmann (Nico Rogner) really doesn’t notice that one day instead of his wife Nadine (Kristin Suckow) he’s holding her twin sister Sonja (also Kristin Suckow) in his arms – is something like that possible? Probably not. There is still a lot going on when it comes to twin romance.

Bizarre Gemini constellations

The research on this topic turns out to be a bit bumpy, but brings to light some, to put it politely, bizarre constellations. For example, there is Ben Byrne in Perth, Australia. The 39-year-old electrician, himself a twin, is dating Anna and Lucy Decinque. The twin sisters first became friends with Byrne on Facebook, later met and fell in love. Today the trio is in a relationship of three.

“Everything has to be balanced, nobody can be cheated, otherwise I’ll have a problem,” Byrne said in an interview with the Daily Mail. For his buddies, the whole thing is a “cool problem”, mother Byrne has also given her blessing. Anna and Lucy, who even underwent plastic surgery to look more alike, call him “The Chosen One”. The US broadcaster TLC even dedicated their own reality show to them, “Extreme Sisters”, and the next big thing is offspring.

“Rinki and Pinki – alone at home”

Things were less successful for Atul Uttam Autade last year. The man from Mumbai, head of a travel agency, also had a double crush and finally wanted to put the whole thing on a firm footing. He married twins Rinki and Pinki Padgaonkar in a ceremony, after which he posted videos of the party on social media. When the authorities got wind of it, the police were at the front door. “The whole thing falls under Article 494 of the Indian Code,” said Shirish Sardeshpande, one of the investigators. It may soon be called “Rinki and Pinki – home alone”, because Autade faces a prison sentence for bigamy.

For Nick and Zach Lewan and Krissie and Kassie Bevier, identical twins from Michigan, things went a lot smoother, keyword parity. The pair met at Grand Valley State University, where they were majoring in psychology. On the first date, the four of us met at church on Sunday. The divine blessing seems to have worked. Today, Nick and Kassie are married to each other, as are Krissie and Zack. One of their regular destinations as a married couple: the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg.

There are also such twin conventions in Europe, for example in Bremgarten, Switzerland, where more than 100 twins took part in the big meeting in 2019. As always at these gatherings, the Rahms were there, two married couples, Hans and Doris and Heidi and Peter. The four from Winterthur and Pfäffkorn have been happily married to each other since 1993, always traveling together, always dressed identically. Your friends have a nickname for the shamrock: double cream.

Environment and partner deception

It is quite possible that the Rahms also sat together in front of the tube on Sunday and thus returned to the “crime scene” and the question of whether it is really realistic to deceive not only the social environment but also the partner as a twin. “Even if it’s only possible for a short period of time, will the love I’ll have then make me happy? And what price do I have to pay for it, what sacrifices do I have to make for an illusion that will certainly soon be gone the cruel reality is destroyed?”, so “Totes Herz” director Andreas Herzog in the MDR interview. “The title of a book by Richard David Precht is: ‘Who am I – and if so, how many?’. Taken out of context, that sounds nonsensical or dadaistic at first, anyone who has seen this ‘crime scene’ will understand how it is is meant.”

Next Sunday it’s “crime scene: you stay here”; Peter Faber, who has not yet come to terms with the loss of colleague Martina Bönisch and lives in his car, will be on duty in Dortmund. This time, too, it will be a family affair: after decades, Faber’s father suddenly reappears – no confusion.