“Tatort” from Vienna: viewers are horrified

It was shocking scenes that the ARD viewers saw on Sunday (October 2nd) at the “crime scene“ from Vienna saw. Starring Bibi Fellner and Moritz Eisner. In this case, the investigator duo is dealing with supernatural forces.

In “The Gateway to Hell” the two investigate the murder of a Catholic priest and are confronted with exorcism. The “crime scene“Fans clearly reacted to the scenes and took to Twitter to express their horror.

“Tatort” from Vienna: ARD strip reminiscent of horror film

Admittedly, light food is rarely cooked on ARD’s “Tatort”. With Fellner and Eisner, it’s not just about a tricky case and sharp thinking skills, it takes nerves of steel.

Because while the investigative team follows a hot lead, the two are repeatedly confronted with creepy incidents that also make the viewers cringe. Dark scenes, a body dangling from a rope and a bunch of fanatical exorcists – it sounds like a horror movie. While some found: “That’s a bit too much hocus-pocus today” and the exorcism topic was “weird”, others were sure: “Today’s ‘crime scene’ would certainly have been something for Halloween.”

“Tatort” from Vienna: ARD viewers are appalled

Thematically, “The Gate to Hell” on October 2nd should have ushered in the Halloween season perfectly. The comments on Twitter certainly spoke volumes:

  • “I won’t be able to sleep tonight”
  • “It’s exciting, the ‘crime scene'”
  • “Just imagine, a ‘crime scene’ like that was filmed in Germany, I would never be able to sleep peacefully again. (Glad not to live in Austria)”
  • “I’m ready and done”
  • “I’ll leave the light on tonight”

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After these reactions, it remains to be seen how the case will continue. Fellner’s and Eisner’s hunt doesn’t sound like it’s over yet.

Here’s why the preview of ARD “crime scene” from Wiesbaden caused a stir among the spectators.