“Tatort” star Tobias Langhoff dead: friend says goodbye touchingly

It is bitter news that has now become public. The “Tatort” star Tobias Langhoff died surprisingly on Monday morning (November 28th). It was his 60th birthday when his family had to say goodbye to him.

His agent referred to the family of the former “Tatort” actor, who said: “We say goodbye to a loving, humorous, helpful and kind man.” The actor had recently stood in front of the camera for Netflix. The film is already being traded as a great Oscar hope.

“Tatort” star Tobias Langhoff is dead – he played here

Acting was in Tobias Langhoff’s blood. His father, who died in 2012, was the actor and director Thomas Langhoff. His grandfather, Wolfgang Langhoff, was also an actor and director.

Tobias Langhoff stood in front of the camera three times in his career for the ARD “crime scene”. In 2018 he took part in the series “Bad Banks” and in “Babylon Berlin”. Tobias Langhoff played the Prussian major general and military attaché Detlof Sigismund von Winterfeldt in the Netflix production “Nothing New in the West”.

“Tatort” star Tobias Langhoff starred in the Netflix hit

The film only appeared on the streaming platform in October 2022, but is already considered a German hope for an Oscar. The war drama is a remake based on the book of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque. As the jury from German Films, German film agency abroad, announced, “Nothing New in the West” will be in the running for Germany at the Oscars on March 12, 2023.

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Most recently, in 2007, the Stasi drama “The Lives of Others” managed to win the coveted golden boy. December will show whether the Netflix film really makes it onto the list of international applicants. But the chances are good. For the late Tobias Langhoff, it should be a great posthumous honor if the film really wins an award.

One of Langhoff’s best friends was “Tatort” star Jan Josef Liefers. In a heartbreaking obituary in the “Berliner Zeitung”. “With discipline and consistency and dedication, you became a ‘marathon man’. No matter what sport we used to do together, now you were in a league of your own. I and others around you admired that. And at some point there was concern, concern for the friend, whose body was becoming less and less, but whose heart, love, affection, helpfulness remained the same, even grew,” Liefers writes.

And further: “Something had slipped away. Yourself and the rest of us, your friends, your family. But especially you. You calmed us down, explained everything and for a long time wanted us to just accept you as you are. And of course we have. Then there must have been that invisible point beyond which there is no help. No doctor, no therapist, no brother and unfortunately no best friend could save you. You helped so many others, you couldn’t help yourself. And no one else could.”