Tattoo Music Fest, dates and bands

After two long years of pandemic Tattoo Music Fest returns to Bogotá in its seventh edition with important alliances, which have strengthened cultural ties with different countries and some of the most recognized tattoo festivals in Latin America.

With a promotional video, the festival hopes to motivate the public to attend next weekend.

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With a fairly ambitious bet on its poster, more than 20 bands of all genres; who will bring the best of their repertoires and sounds the next May 21 and 22 to feel again the passion of good music and delight in the art of tattooing.

Tattoo Music Fest has been characterized by to have great exponents and national and international bands on its stagegiving space to genres such as hiphop to be part of this festival of music, art and color, such is the case of Alcolirykos, La Etnnia, Realidad Mental and Apachewho arrive to make the stage vibrate with their lyrics and urban rhythms after these two long years of waiting.

Ready to Rock with Saturday’s Programming

The loud soundsas it is custom at the festival, they make it up important bands.

From United States:

  • Witchcraft
  • Volumes
  • Death Before Dishonor
  • wave
  • Stick To Your Guns

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From Spain:

  • morphium
  • The Broken Horizon

From Costa Rica:

  • Akash
  • Totem
  • Outside the Circle

From Venezuela:


From Ecuador:


For Colombia carrying the local flag:

  • the pestilence
  • Slaughter
  • Koyi K.Utho
  • Perpetual Warfare
  • ethereal
  • Lupus
  • come
  • surviving
  • hyaline
  • wake up
  • the sacred
  • Hellfish
  • The White Ophelia
  • Pitull
  • apollo 7
  • Duplex

The other aspect that most attracts thousands of spectators are the tattoo artists that the festival brings, on this side we have:

More than 200 tattoo artists, local groups, and independent brands, they will come, from countries like; Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Bolivia to participate in the different categories that will be evaluated by a select group of 11 jurors, among which Colombian talent stands out, such as Juan Pajotattoo artist of figures such as J. Balvin, Cesar Violent who has been an inspiration for many tattoo artists thanks to his career and great international recognition, based in the United States, who especially comes to be part of our jury.

Also part of the Colombia team are winning artists in previous editions of the festival such as: Rick Bizarre and Johan Morenonoted for their style, experience and techniques embodied in their work of color realism and John David Rendon thanks to his knowledge in the Neotraditional style. Ozcar CruzColombian recognized for his career in the world of tattooing and his technique when painting manga drawings on the skin, will also accompany us as a special guest.

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The Mexicans; Ignisartist with extensive experience and technique in the Neotraditional style. Hakunitetattoo artist and artist who has done collaborations with digital and print media and recently with bands like slipknot for the redesign of its merchandise within the framework of the Knotfest in Mexico City. lilian raytattoo artist passionate about the details and precision of her technique in manga drawing and Pop Surrealist Tattoo Art.

From Venezuela comes Ivan Black recognized for his DotWork-BlackWork style winner of several editions of our festival and from Ecuador the Artist Eddie 88 recognized for his experience, technique and style in Lettering to be part of the international jury of our festival.

Another of our central shows, runs on behalf of the Colombian Jacob Angel remembered for its unique vampirist Style, inspired by his fascination with dark literature, horror classics, and also a love of reading authors such as Edgar Allan Poe added to his taste for batman. A freak show full of strength, energy and power, everything is ready for our attendees to relive the emotion of Tatto Music Fest.

Likewise, in this edition of the festival, we will have unique experiences for the public to enjoy alternative entertainment activities in one place for two days full of many tattoos, music and fun, such as BMXgraffiti and an art gallery with works by our tattoo artists.

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Date: May 21 – 22, 2022.

Place: North Highway Events Center.