Taylor Swift fans sue Ticketmaster

After the Taylor Swift tour box office fiasco, fans decided to sue Ticketmaster.

They are 26 Taylor Swift fans to attack Ticketmaster. Nearly a month after the singer’s tour ticket sales fiasco, these angry fans are suing Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, for “fraud, price fixing and antitrust violations.” , alleging ‘intentional deception’ allowed resellers to buy majority of tickets, magazine says pitchforkwho was able to consult the complaint.

Last November, the presale of tickets for The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift’s tour turned into a total fiasco, between bugs, endless queues and prices reaching crazy heights. So much so that on November 19, Ticketmaster had to cancel the sale “due to extraordinarily high demand on the ticketing systems and insufficient ticket stock to meet this demand”.

The plaintiffs accuse Ticketmaster of the calamitous organization of presales. And believe the company “intentionally and deliberately misled TaylorSwiftTix presale ticket holders by providing codes to 1.4 million ‘verified fans'” when there were actually not enough seats. for everyone.

“Atrocious for me”

“It’s really difficult for me to have to rely on an outside entity,” reacted Taylor Swift on her Instagram page. “And it’s excruciating for me to see mistakes happen without being able to do anything about it,” she added.

Following Taylor Swift’s speech, the platform apologized in a statement, posted on Twitter.

This cacophony revived criticism of the dominant position of ticket mastera giant in the ticketing industry, which in 2010 merged with entertainment giant Live Nation.

Overpriced tickets

In their complaint, the 26 fans also denounce this monopoly, which obliges fans to use the service “exclusively” to buy tickets at prices “higher than what would be a competitive market price”, indicates the magazine. The Verge. They also accuse the company of taking advantage of the secondary market, where overpriced tickets circulate.

The complaint claims that Ticketmaster “conspired” with stadiums “to coerce fans into purchasing more expensive tickets, on which Ticketmaster collects additional fees each time the tickets are resold.”

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/les-fans-de-taylor-swift-attaquent-ticketmaster-en-justice_AN-202212050506.html