Taylor Swift is said to be about to get married

Secret engagement months ago

Wedding bells are about to ring for Taylor Swift

All signs of love: Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are secretly engaged. However, the two do everything in their power to ensure that their impending marriage remains secret.

Taylor Swift’s (32) boyfriend, Joe Alwyn (31), skilfully avoided the engagement question last month: “If we were, I wouldn’t say it any more than if we weren’t.” But an insider in “The Sun” was all the more talkative and revealed: The actor has already proposed to Taylor Swift, and the couple has been engaged “for a few months”.

While Swift used to like to publicly live out her relationships with star DJ Calvin Harris (38) or “Loki” star Tom Hiddleston (41), she insists on total privacy with Joe. According to the report, both are said to have only told the closest circle about the engagement.