Taylor Swift Secretly Engaged to Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

    Since the discreet relationship between Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn began, there have been several occasions on which a possible engagement of the couple has been rumored, either by a ring or by social media posts. But now it seems that this time is the final one. The couple is engaged!, as reported by a source to ‘The Sun’: “They have been engaged for a few months, but they have only told their inner circle, basically the closest family and old trusted friends. They are all sworn to secrecy.”

    We have no doubt that Taylor and Swift form one of the most discreet couples on the current scene and in fact the occasions in which we have been able to see them together have been counted. With this topic it was not going to be less. They wanted keep this news secret to such an extent that Taylor has been wearing a beautiful ring, “but she only wears it when she’s at home, meaning behind closed doors,” the source confirmed. As expected, the wedding is expected not to be very mediatic And according to the source, it will be a simple and elegant link, as they: “They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible.”

    In June 2019, it was already discussed in ‘US Weekly’ that he “is just waiting to find the perfect moment to propose to her. He wants it to be unforgettable and extremely special.” It seems that the time has comealthough the couple has not yet done anything official and after so many rumors of a possible commitment, we are looking forward to confirming it soon.

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