TCS communicators say goodbye to Boris Eserski, founder of the renowned television network

TV presenters took to social networks to express their condolences to the Eserski family, but also to recognize the legacy left in the history of the country’s media by the founder of Telecorporación Salvadoreña.

Several TV figures reacted to the news of the death of the “father of television in El Salvador”. Through social networks they remembered him as a “great human being” and highlighted his leadership and professionalism.

We share some of the phrases with which well-known presenters of the prestigious television network said goodbye to the founder of TCS.

Veronica Guerrero, presenter

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“May the Lord grant his family and friends peace and comfort at this difficult time.”

Kathya Carranza, Former Host

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“When someone who has marked your life so much, leaves to the presence of the Lord, the heart becomes small…. I keep his example of a great human being”.

Karsten Rivas, sports presenter

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“It is an honor, a privilege, a pride, to have been under the command of the Chief of Chiefs, the Pioneer, the Father, the Giant, the King of Salvadoran Television, Mr. Boris Eserski.”

Eduardo Arévalo, presenter of TCS News

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“God keep his soul and give strength to his family. Don Boris helped thousands of people on a business and personal level”.

Roberto Acosta, host of “Take it away”

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“I can only say thank you Don Boris for the opportunity to work for you. My deepest condolences to the Eserski family and may God have him in glory.”

Daniel Rucks, presenter

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“Rest in peace, Mr. Boris Eserski, Father of Salvadoran television.”

Jaime Vilanova, sports presenter

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It is with profound sadness that I receive the news of the death of Mr. Boris Eserski, who for me was a great person, whom I admitted for his leadership, human and personal quality.