Teddy Riner Minister of Youth? His hilarious response to Valérie Pécresse’s proposal

Invited by the Journal de 13 heures de France 2, Valérie Pécresse announced that she would like to see Teddy Riner enter the government. The latter cracked a rather amusing reaction when he learned that his name had been cited by the Republican candidate.

As was the case for all the presidential candidates interviewed, Leïla Kaddour asked a confusing question to Valerie Pécresse, during his intervention in the Journal de 13 heures de France 2, this Saturday, March 19. The journalist wanted to know which public figures the candidate LR could consider for her government. Tac-au-tac, Valérie Pécresse replied that she would see “Pierre de Villiers at La Defense, Teddy Riner to Youth and Leïla Slimani to La Francophonie“.

If the candidate mentioned the names of the former chief of staff of the armies, the judoka and the author, it is for a simple reason: “By their influence, by their knowledge of the Frenchthese personalities would have extremely valuable skills in the government that I wish to trainer”, defended Valérie Pécresse. Contacted by France Television, Teddy Riner and Leïla Slimani responded to the proposal with humor.

They were unaware of the scene

Contacted by Julien Nény, journalist from France Télévisions, Teddy Riner and Leïla Slimani were not aware that Valérie Pécresse had mentioned their name, and their reaction is rather hilarious. “Response from the judoka from Brazil: ‘[émoji pleurant de rire]’. Writer’s response: ‘I find it very inelegant. Nothing would horrify me more! That said, it would make a great idea for a novel!’ No comment at Pierre de Villiers“wrote the journalist on his Twitter account.

He also added that “on his side, the entourage of Valérie Pécresse assures that it was only a ‘spontaneous answer to a question’“. Obviously, the judoka is not about to put on his kimono in the locker room to prefer a minister’s costume and prefers to actively prepare for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

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