Televisa producer assures that Vicente Fernández was an “industry controller”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Follow the controversy over the new bioseries of Vicente Fernandez call ‘The Last King: The Son of the People’. This time the producer Reynaldo Lopez of Televisa ruled on the subject and cataloged the artist as an “industry controller”.

His statements arise as a result of the statement issued last Sunday by Mrs. ‘Cuquita’, widow of ‘Chente’, in which she accuses Televisa of wanting to infringe the copyright of the interpreter of ‘Acá entre nos’.

“Don Vicente always wanted to control everything around him: the media, the press, the radio, imitators and even other singers, he never allowed anyone to eat the crumbs that fell from his table, only he authorized whoever could imitate him,” the producer wrote. through his Twitter account.

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He added that ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ controlled all the publications that were made against him and moved his influences to veto various media. “That was also Don Vicente, an eternal controller and opponent of freedom of expression,” said López.

In a matter of minutes, Internet users expressed their opinions regarding the producer’s position on Vicente, who died in December 2021 due to a fall at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch, which caused other complications.

“Why didn’t he speak with this freedom when Vicente Fernández was alive? Why until he dies does he say he was a controller?”, “I like Vicente Fernández’s music, but I do agree that he was not a good person” , “Interesting, I’ve been reading for years that Vicente had a very dark side of closing the careers of rivals in music”, “I can’t believe what I read…now it turns out he’s a monster???!!!! ”, wrote some users.

In an additional tweet, the creative added: “Don’t blame me for Don Vicente’s actions.”

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‘The last king’ is a series based on the book by the Argentine journalist Olga Wornat. It deals with sensitive issues of the Fernández dynasty such as fights and links with Vicente Jr. drug trafficking.

The series premieres this Monday, March 14 on the Las Estrellas channel at 8:30 pm in Honduras. Despite the accusations of the Fernández family, Televisa has not received any judicial notice that prohibits its broadcast.

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Statement from Doña ‘Cuquita’

“I remember that when Televisa wanted Vicente to give up his rights for free to make a series of his life and some time later they offered him crumbs without taking into account his career. Vicente was not left. He told me: ‘Cuquita, these don’t have fillers,’ the statement begins.

Lady ‘Cuquita’, whose real name is Mary Shelter Abarca, stressed that neither she nor her children want a penny from Televisa and accused them of stealing the image of “Chente”. “Vicente wanted to tell her life and share it with her public by signing a contract with Caracol to be broadcast on Netflix, because they gave him that confidence that he did not have for Televisa,” she explained.

Abarca also referred to Pablo Montero, the actor who will play ‘The Last King’, whom he described as a “good boy”, but asserted that his image is not the one that the Mexican interpreter would have approved for the series.

Finally, he made a call to the authorities to stop the broadcast of the series and reported that he will not grant interviews on the subject.

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The Fernández dynasty disagrees with the publication of this production.