Televisa: Raúl Araiza and Manelyk are crushed in ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’

Mexico City.- It seems that the heart of Raul “Black” Araiza it is a condominium. The driver is now associated with Manelyk Gonzalez ex Acapulco Shorewho like him, also participates in the contest “The Stars dance in Today”from Televisa.

The information was released by the celebrity villain, Alex Kaffiewho even pointed out that both of them get goosebumps when they are close to each other.

They get goosebumps every time they’re around. Yes, Raúl Araiza and Manelyk González are attracted to each other and vice versa, “says Álex Kaffie on his Instagram profile.

He even dared to ensure that the fiery glances between “Black” and Manelyk appeared from the minute they met now that she participates in “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”, the morning dance contest that he leads in Las stars.

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Raúl Araiza was married for more than 24 years to Fernanda Rodríguez, who is currently his manager. Photo: Special.

The actor and host of Televisa and the former member of the Acapulco Shore program, I find out, have already exchanged phones and have agreed to go to dinner “one of these days”! Iuuuuuu! ”, Finished the driver of Sale el Sol.

As with Margarita Vega, Raúl Araiza reacted to the photo that Manelyk shared on social networks. In the photo, with Carlos Speitzer, his partner in the contest. Photo: Special.

Raúl ‘Negro’ Araiza and his loves

At the end of 2019, Raúl Araiza, 57, announced his separation from Fernanda Rodriguezwith whom he has two daughters, Camila Y Roberta Araiza Rodriguez.

Since then, the driver of Televisa He has assured that he maintains a close relationship with the mother of his daughters.

In 2021, a new opportunity was given in love with the psychologist Maria Amelia Aguilarwho was first her friend and partner in the television program “Hoy”.

Although it was speculated that the breakup was due to infidelity on the part of the actor, he himself came out to deny it and assured that the reason was for work, since they no longer saw each other and wanted to prevent ending up on bad terms.

He also had a relationship with the psychologist María Amelia Aguilar, but they ended up because of the distance. Photo: Special.

Four months after their breakup, the friend of Andrea Legarreta began a relationship with the Colombian actress Margaret Vegawith whom he exchanged flirtations through social networks.

On February 11, Raúl Araiza announced the end of his relationship with Margarita, with whom he says he remained a friend.

Apparently, Raúl refused to marry Margarita Vega, so he chose to set her free. Photo: Special.

It was rumored that the breakup was due to the fact that “Black” refused to marry her and he himself confirmed it.

I can’t get married because I haven’t been divorced, and it’s a procedure that with Fernanda (his ex-wife) we have many things between them. It’s hard, but there’s no way she’s selfish and holding her back.”

He added that although he loves her, he leaves her free, because it is worth gold and he prefers to see her happy.

It is part of life and I know that she is worth gold, and I know that I am going to see her happy. These are things that end and hurt. (…) Time is leading you to that and I don’t want you to waste time, “added Araiza.

Although he shared that he would be single for a long time, it seems that Manelyk came to “move the table”.

Manelyk González participated in the controversial reality show Acapulco Shore. Photo: Special.

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