tells how he went to blows with his brother and his bad relationship with Camila

The long-awaited autobiography of Prince Harry has not yet been released, Spare (In the Shadow)and the controversy is already growing in the world over the explosive revelations contained in the gritty story of the youngest son of King Carlos III.

Its publication, scheduled for this January 10 worldwide, occurs while the British royal family tries to recover from the blow caused by the Netflix docuseries harry and meghanin which the couple recounted the reasons that led her to give up her place in the monarchy to settle permanently in the United States, far from media pressure and the “narrative against them” by the major British newspapers, orchestrated, according to Harry, by Buckingham Palace itself.

Charles and Diana
Princess Diana (1961 – 1997), Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles at a parade on The Mall, London in 1994. – Photo: Getty Images

Although the book, as the publisher Penguin Random House says, traces the life of the 38-year-old prince and takes readers, among other moments, “to one of the most overwhelming scenes of the 20th century: two children, two princes, walking behind his mother’s coffin while the whole world watched them between pain and horror”, the truth is that it is a crude and honest story that will not leave a puppet with a head.

One of the characters of the monarchy that is worst off is Prince William, heir to the throne, in the midst of the growing “cold war” that he lives with his brother, since he married Meghan Markle in 2018. A decision that was never well received by the eldest of Lady Di’s children. Harry describes him as an archenemy with whom he has always competed.

In fact, one of the most scandalous revelations has to do with a fight that occurred in 2019, in Harry’s own house, in Kensington Palace, leaked by The Guardian.

The fight was so heated that it led to the brothers going to blows, whereupon William knocked his brother to the ground in anger. This arose after William called Markle “difficult and rude”, which Harry associated with the “narrative” that the press has used against his wife, which – according to what he himself confessed to the CBS 60 Minutes program – was orchestrated from Buckingham Palace to discredit her.

The brothers had been exchanging insults for several minutes before William claimed that he was actually trying to help because of the constant bickering between the Sussexes and the press. Harry, the book reads, said: “Are you serious? Help me? Is that what you call this? Help me?”.

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Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship has deteriorated since the younger of the brothers married Meghan Markle. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/Pool Photo via AP. – Photo: PA

The comment infuriated his brother, who cursed as he walked towards him, and a startled Harry stormed off to the kitchen. The youngest of Carlos’ sons writes that, once there, he gave him a glass of water: “Willy, I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.” PBut his brother left the water “and then came towards me. It all happened so fast. He grabbed me by the neck, ripped my collar and threw me to the ground. I landed in the dog bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting me. I stood there for a moment, stunned, then stood up and told him to come out.”

William urged him to hit back, citing fights they had as children, to which Harry refused. He left for a few moments, and then returned “remorseful and apologizing.”

After the fight, William offered a partial apology, because although he considered that he did not do well, he did not believe that his action had been an assault. Even at another point in the book, he assures that the future king asked him not to comment with Meghan Markle about what happened.

Harry didn’t immediately tell his wife, but he did call his therapist. However, Meghan later noted the “scratches and bruises”.

Another of the shocking revelations has to do with his time in the Army, which forced him to serve in Afghanistan, where Harry says he has discharged 15 Taliban fighters, whom he saw “as chess pieces removed from the board”, but not as “people”.

In addition, he confessed that he used cocaine “some times”, at the age of 17, the same age at which he lost his virginity, after being offered “a line” on a hunting trip.

Be a Sparebe a spare

Beyond the disagreements with William, Spare reveals Harry’s resentment of being treated as a child as a Sparean old expression from royal and aristocratic circles: while a first son is heir to titles, power and fortune, the second is just a spare, in case something happens to the firstborn.

In this sense, the author tells how his father told Princess Diana, on the day of Harry’s birth: “Wonderful! Now that you have given me an heir and a spare, my job is done.”

In addition, at another time, the king made a sick joke on his youngest son, amid rumors that have circulated that Harry would be the son of Commander James Hewitt, with whom Princess Diana had an affair: “Who knows if I’m your real father?” the monarch sneered.

Harry Duke of Sussex and Meghan
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex married in 2018. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images) k – Photo: Getty Images

Harry also recounts a harrowing encounter with Charles and William after the funeral of Prince Philip, Elizabeth II’s husband, at Windsor Castle in 2021. The now-king stood between his children, “looking at our flushed faces” and told them: ” Please guys, don’t make my later years a misery.”

However, in the book, Harry touches on one of the most sensitive subjects for the king: the queen consort Camilla Parker.

In the book, Harry recounts how he asked his father not to marry her, whom he and his brother did not call by name, but as “the other woman.”

And although in the interview that Harry gave to 60 minutes he talks about wanting to “get his dad and brother back”, the task will be even more difficult once Spare reaches bookstores, since it is already listed as one of the books that will cause the most damage to the royal family.

In fact, They compare it to The Shock Caused by Diana, Her True Story, written in 1992 by Andrew Morton, a tabloid journalist who recorded Diana’s conversations with her best friend.

According to The Sun, the book will also “exhibit the breaking of a promise that the two made to their mother to always be the best of friends.” William’s bad relationship with his brother and being hostile to Markle, motivated by envy.

In a way, she also questions Elizabeth II’s role in her grandchildren’s ‘war’, since, according to Harry, if there was someone who could bring about a reconciliation between the two, it was her.

According to the BBC, $1.5 million from the book’s proceeds will go to charity: the organizations Sentebale and WellChild, supported by the prince for years.