Terminally ill BBC presenter raises £2.5m donations

The 40-year-old only started a campaign for a cancer aid organization on Monday.

London. The terminally ill BBC presenter Deborah James has raised more than £2.5 million (€2.9 million) in a short time with a fundraiser. She was “absolutely blown away,” James said in a video clip released by the BBC. “I had a number in my head of about a quarter of a million because I figured that would be enough to pay for a couple of the charities I wanted to fund.”

The 40-year-old, who has had colon cancer for years, only announced the “Bowelbabe Fund” – after the English term “bowel cancer” for colon cancer – on Monday. Well over a million pounds were raised in just one day, and by Wednesday morning the targeted sum had increased tenfold. It is intended to benefit a cancer aid organization.

Diagnosis made public

James made the diagnosis public in 2016 and has since updated her 500,000 followers on Instagram with reports of her treatment and progress. In addition, the mother of two children told a podcast about the disease. “Ultimately, I don’t want any other Deborahs to have to go through this,” she justified her fundraiser.

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In an Instagram post, the moderator recently wrote that the past six months had been “heartbreaking”. But she was surrounded by “so much love”. “I don’t want to die. I can’t face the thought that I won’t see my children’s weddings or grow up – that I won’t be a part of the life I love so much,” she wrote 40-year-old in her last column for the newspaper “The Sun”. James told the BBC she has moved back in with her parents to spend as much time as possible with her family. This place is “where I always wanted to die”.