Terror birthday for Cristián de la Fuente! He was attacked and his daughter was shot

Christian of the Source celebrated 48 years in the midst of terror, anguish and impotence. As part of the celebration, the protagonist of En Tierras Salvajes, Sueño de amor, Quiero amarte and Amor bravío, among other Mexican soap operas, went on March 10 with his 17-year-old daughter Laura to a golf course that he frequents. since he established his place of residence in Chile in 2020. When leaving they were surprised by a couple of thugs who, presumably, wanted to rob him of his luxury truck. In the escape maneuver, the minor suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Wrapped in anger and concern, the actor went to the nearest hospital in the area. In the transfer he contained the wound using his military and survival skills.

The thugs cornered Cristián’s truck shortly before reaching the La Dehesa Golf Club. In Chile, this practice is known as lockup. During the action, the criminals fired at close range, resulting in his daughter being injured by a bullet that entered through the window.

Reporting the events, the major of Police Station 53 of Lo Barnechea, Jorge Cárcamo Oyarzún, pointed out that a patrol was making the usual route near the place, when he suddenly noticed the teenager’s injury, so they supported the actor to serve her.

“He was waiting to enter a condominium, there was a traffic jam where, surprisingly, he was approached by an antisocial who proceeded to intimidate him with a firearm to steal personal belongings. The minor is without vital risk, but with a reserved nature wound as a result of the impact that was on the soft parts of her leg, ”said the elder.

The authority has images of the event, which are already being investigated. There you can see the thief getting on a motorcycle and fleeing the sector. This information was already collected in the investigation folder of the Public Ministry.

For his part, the sub-prefect of Carabineros (police institution for order and security in Chile), Juan Miguel Villalobos, detailed: “In the first instance, the unknown person hit the car window; Given this, the driver suddenly flees the scene and the antisocial takes out a firearm with which he shoots at least once, which hits the victim’s companion, in this case the minor, injuring her. The criminal boards the motorcycle where he was expected by his accomplice and they flee from the place.

A worker at the golf course, named Fabián Araya, explained to TVyNovelas that the events occurred after 4 in the afternoon, Chilean time. He mentioned that it is a safe area and that some people with resources live there.

He stressed that the practice of cornering vehicles is already common in Chile,
and that no one has bought life so that it doesn’t happen to them. However, Cristián is a loved person in that place, and that both employees and users are concerned about the health of his daughter.


Both Cristián and his wife, Angélica Castro, asked their followers for prayers and good energy before their daughter entered the operating room. Then they shared a sensitive message and a photograph on social networks: