Thalía is not ridiculed for showing her double chin on video

At 50 years old Thalia She is one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world of entertainment. She is recognized for her great talent for singing and acting, hence she quickly wins the affection of the public.

This time the pop singer was put in the eye of the hurricane after sharing a video in which shows his chinleaving locals and strangers stunned, but also causing a great uproar among his detractors, who are on the lookout for everything he does.

Although Thalía is one of the most beloved artists, she also has quite a few detractors who are on the lookout for her posts, ready to see her alleged flaws.

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Everyone is aware of his activities, which are sometimes harshly criticized, because they do not stop and send him negative messages that this time surprised.

With this video that went viral was no exception and now they don’t make her look ridiculousSince the images of the famous double chin are crossing borders, nobody wants to stop seeing them.

What is a fact is that Thalía only shared a fun moment with her loyal followers, who applauded that recording that sparked laughter, while his haters gave him intense and harsh criticism.

It is not the first time that Tommy Mottola’s wife has put herself in the eye of the hurricane and has been attacked on social networks. She surely knows how to emerge victorious when she is mercilessly thrashed.

The famous never stops to answer those who criticize her, on the contrary, she continues to please her heartfelt fans, who are amazed to see her show off her peculiar style and beauty.

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It should be noted that the images were shared by Suelta la sopa’s show profile on Instagram, hence the video unleashed more comments and although only it is a filter what the owner of the success ‘Equivocada’ used to look completely different caused a furor among Internet users.

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