Thalía posted a thank you message to her fans for their support after the death of her grandmother Eva Mange | Famous

However, the messages of love are not only limited to your grandmother. The singer also expressed her love for her fans, who have helped her better cope with the death of Mrs. Eva Mange.

Thalía thanked her fans for their support after the death of her grandmother Eva Mange

The singer of “Amor a la mexicana” used her Instagram stories to express how grateful she is to her fans for always showing her love and affection, especially in these days of mourning and sadness.

“Thank you for joining me in this farewell. For so many beautiful messages that have been sent to me, so full of love and affection. You, as always, know how to help me at times like this. I LOVE you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

His sincere message was accompanied by a tender photo with his grandmother, where they both send a kiss through a video call, the actress’s favorite means of staying close to her grandmother despite the more than 2 thousand miles that separated them ( Thalía has been living in New York, USA for several years while Mrs. Eva Mange lived in Mexico).

Thalía also finds comfort in her family and music

In addition to the support of her fans, the singer has been able to heal her heart from this great loss thanks to her family and music. One day after the death of her grandmother, Thalía had a great reason to thank her life: the birthday of her son Matthew, who turned 11 years old.

The actress dedicated a loving congratulations where she hinted that this birthday was a low-key and quite intimate celebration: with a “homemade chocolate cake, the cloying hugs of mom and dad, the candies that her little sister [Sabrina Sakaë] He knows how much he likes them and the notes of affection from his friends and close people.”

Likewise, Thalía has found a great refuge in music. On June 30, she shared a photo in the studio where she explained that “Singing heals the heart.”

This image was filled with comments from her fans who showed their excitement at hearing her new songs and reiterated their love and well wishes for her as she deals with grief.

“Take care! We, your fans, send you the best energy and we are always with you”; ‘We send you much love, Queen, we are here for you’; “Cheer up my queen!!!! Here we are for you”; “Music heals the soul and the heart” is read in some messages from his fans in his post.