Thalía, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston receive the New Year in a peculiar way

Thalia, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston receive the New Year in a peculiar way. There are only a few days left to welcome 2023, so many people are already preparing endless rituals so that the year is more prosperous than the previous one.

besides eating 12 grapes every time a bell rings, people also dress in white, they sweep from the inside out to get rid of bad energy and if they want to travel they go around the block to symbolize that they are traveling through several countries.

These rituals are some of the classics that people follow from generation to generation. As expected, some celebrities are also superstitious and they start some rituals, while others follow their own cabals to attract health, money, love and well-being.

Thalía takes a quartz bath

The beautiful Mexican singer implements some rituals to continue maintaining success and abundance in her life. At the beginning of December 31, Thalia takes a quartz bath to attract good energy.

In addition, he considers that he should eat everything he wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because he believes that in this way he will not lack bread next year. It’s no surprise that the star likes partiesso enjoy a great feast that you celebrate with your family.

Salma Hayek and her favorite dish

as a good omen, Salma Hayek is happy to welcome the year with her familya, but what he does not forgive during dinner are the oysters, being one of his favorite dishes. In addition to symbolically, the Mexican singer proposed to give gifts to her daughters, but under one rule.

Both Valentina, the fruit of her love with the businessman François-Henri Pinault, as well as the young Mathilde, the daughter of her husband who she loves as her own, receive humble gifts: “I like that they open millions of gifts, but some are very small and significant , others are very dumb and then they only receive one or two really nice ones.

Jennifer Aniston and a date with friends

The famous and beloved actress of “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston loves the Christmas season so she loves to choose her Christmas tree and after decorating her home she organizes meetings with her great friends, as she did this year with Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow , Reese Witherspoon or Bradley Cooper.

Carlos Rivera and his cabal

He is one of the singers who believes that underwear brings good luck, so he chooses white and wears them backwards to attract success: “Those are going to be your good luck panties for the whole year and yes serving. The first time I did it was when I entered La Academia and I even won. From there I repeat it every year, although they should not be used much because they take away their luck, only on special occasions. In my case, I do it in auditions or concerts”, said the artist.

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