Thalía shared on Instagram a video of the aesthetic treatment she underwent to mark her figure | Famous

Thalía had no qualms about sharing one of her beauty secrets with her followers: the aesthetic procedure she uses to wear a small belt at 50 years old.

The truth is that the singer’s physique has given much to talk about in recent weeks. Only at the beginning of April, the interpreter of ‘Tu boca’ documented on social networks the ‘lifting’ type procedure to which she underwent to eliminate the sagging of her face.

Days ago, in March of this year, the also soap opera actress caused a stir among her Instagram followers by assuring that the size of her double chin had grown during the pandemic and as a consequence of the excessive use of her cell phone to stay connected in times of social distancing.

As if the above were not enough, the voice of ‘Baila Así’ has recently been accused of having abused botox.

Turning a deaf ear to the negative comments, the star of ‘María la del Barrio’ now showed how she tones the area of ​​her abdomen.

Thalía showed the aesthetic procedure she undergoes to tone her abdomen

This April 25, the Mexican star used her Instagram stories to show herself as rarely: in bed at an aesthetic clinic and with her waist uncovered.

In the first of the short videos that he shared on said social network, he is heard saying “in full treatment, beauties (…) here with everything.”

Later, with the sense of humor that characterizes her, she expressed:

“I’m in tlapalería and painting, I’m getting ready, of course, getting up to speed with what’s coming.”

In the same way, he expressed that he did this aesthetic procedure in the face of new projects in his career, although he did not detail what these will be.

Additionally, Thalía focused on a machine that emitted frequencies and with which a specialist massaged her entire abdomen. In the middle of the takes, they even managed to distinguish her ribs.

Although the singer omitted to mention the name of her treatment, at one point she commented “the sucked one”, referring to the fact that she was sculpting her physique.

Thalía joked with Lili Estefan about the alleged rib that was removed

The truth is that Thalía’s waist is a topic that has been talked about since the beginning of her career. Around the 1980s, a rumor arose that attributed that the former Timbiriche had achieved her figure after having her ribs removed, a subject to which she prefers to respond with jokes.

The most recent proof of this came last March, when, as part of Lili Estefan’s birthday celebration, the singer published a series of photos showing that she had given him this part of her bone as a gift.