Thalía tans too much and looks like a shrimp

Although we know that Thalia is a lover of adventures, especially those that require being in contact with nature, on this occasion, the Mexican singer, interpreter of rampagingit exceeded a little under the rays of the sun, he tans too much and remains like a shrimp, worrying his fans with the images.

Through his Instagram account, Thalia He shared with his more than 19 million followers a photo and a video of the result of sunbathing, who knows how many hours, while enjoying his vacation on a yacht in Miami.

The beautiful actress, called the queen of her soap operas for her successful characters in productions such as Maria mercedes, Marimar and Maria from the neighborhoodsurprised Internet users and worried more than one about the degree of burns on her skin, which made her look like a shrimp.

[email protected]&! #ouch”, he limited himself to putting the Mexican star.

In the selfies that Thalia shared, you can see the artist in front of the mirror wrapped in a towel, showing off her extremely red skin, except for the marks on the straps of her swimsuit, which remained her natural color. skin.

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Meanwhile, in the video in which he did a close up on his chest, he shows how with a finger he presses his skin so that it looks white, and immediately turns red, which, according to his short, but forceful description, it is causing him a lot of pain.

Immediately, his fans and other followers did not hesitate to make a series of recommendations to alleviate the burns on his skin, warning him that the sun is very harmful to health, so they recommended avoiding spending a lot of time exposed to it.

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Some of them gave home remedies with tomato, creams, as well as aloe vera, and above all, very good wishes so that your skin wounds do not become very painful.

And it is that, for a couple of days, the beautiful interpreter of I do not remember, Mojito and brown skin He has shared with his fans his paradisiacal vacations on the beach, where he has enjoyed luxuries and nature aboard an incredible yacht, living with his friend Lili Estefan “La Flaca”.

What’s more, Thalia He put his fans in check by sharing some images bathing on a beach that has had crocodile sightings, which worried more than one. However, fortunately he did not go too far, but with what he did go overboard with the wife of Tommy Mottolait was with the tan, from which we hope he recovers soon.